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Nutri-Living Blog: Food Allergy or Food Intolerance: What’s the Difference?

January 10, 2009

Here is a very informative article by a naturopath. Unfortunately, while she correctly makes the distinction between allergies as an immune system response vs. intolerances as a non-immune response, she incorrectly only mentions IgE mediated immune response. I would expect better from a naturopath. The naturopath I see certainly knows better, perhaps because she has multiple food allergies herself. Anyway, don’t let that stop you from reading the article. Just ignore the part about the IgE and you’ll get some good information.

“Food allergies and intolerances are an almost universal phenomenon and they contribute to, or are the underlying cause of, many symptoms and diseases. This is mainly because allergies can tend to be “masked” or covered up by our “modern” highly processed diets and the wide array of food ingredients and additives that can lead to accumulative damage and serious trouble over time. Secondly, since allergies may masquerade as other conditions, they are generally misunderstood, often misdiagnosed, and sometimes completely ignored. While there are many cases that are reasonably “mild”, some physicians who specialize in the treatment of food allergies and sensitivities have estimated that at least 70 percent of the population has this problem to some extent or another while other experts claim it is closer to 90 percent. One thing is clear: their effects are far-reaching and they can and often do cause accumulative damage to your health and wellbeing. ”

via Nutri-Living Blog » Food Allergy or Food Intolerance: What’s the Difference?.

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  1. January 10, 2009 8:25 pm

    who are you — a naturopath yourself? What exactly is it you expect?

  2. wiseandra permalink*
    January 10, 2009 9:43 pm

    I’m not a naturopath, no. What I hope for is that doctors, including naturopaths, will remember that there are immunological responses besides the IgE response. IgG and IgM responses also figure in the equation of allergies. If doctors can start being consistent in how they speak about food allergies, then maybe the public can also learn. And I think that was the very point of your post – to educate the public about the difference between food allergies and food intolerances. It’s a good post – it’s just missing the information that allergies are not just IgE mediated.

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