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Food allergies and migraine. [Lancet. 1979] – PubMed Result

January 3, 2009

60 migraine patients completed elimination diets after a 5-day period of withdrawal from their normal diet. 52 (87%) of these patients had been using oral contraceptive steroids, tobacco, and/or ergotamine for an average of 3 years, 22 years, and 7.4 years respectively. The commonest foods causing reactions were wheat (78%), orange (65%), eggs (45%), tea and coffee (40% each), chocolate and milk (37%) each), beef (35%), and corn, cane sugar, and yeast (33% each). When an average of ten common foods were avoided there was a dramatic fall in the number of headaches per month, 85% of patients becoming headache-free. The 25% of patients with hypertension became normotensive. Chemicals in the home environment can make this testing difficult for outpatients. Both immunological and non-immunological mechanisms may play a part in the pathogenesis of migraine caused by food intolerance.

Grant EC Lancet. 1979 May 5;1(8123):966-9.

Look at those figures – it’s staggering, and yet doctors continue to  pass out medications instead of helping patients identify what is triggering their headaches. Unbelievable.

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  1. March 12, 2009 1:33 pm

    I just found out I am allergic to sugar cane. I have been suffering with CHRONIC migraines for years. All they want to do is put me on more meds, which none of them work, except Imitrex shots after the fact. I went to a Doctor affiliated with BodyLogicMD and he has slowly but surely been getting to the core of the problem, instead of just adding more meds. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is suffering with a chronic illness, that has “no” answers.

  2. toastmasterliz permalink*
    March 13, 2009 7:43 am

    Terri, it’s great to meet you. You’re the first person I’ve met who also has this diagnosis. What exactly are they doing with you to help you other than the dietary change?

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