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Lifetime Life’s Basics Plant Protein

January 1, 2009

I have lymphedema from cancer surgery. One of things I do to keep this under control is to eat a high protein diet. I am not a vegetarian or vegan, but even with the meat I eat, it’s hard to get enough protein. For years now, I have been supplementing my protein with a whey protein drink every morning. It was a shock to find out that this was something that was contributing to the eczema, digestive problems, and migraine headaches that have been plaguing me. I went to Sprouts this week to see if there was something I could use to replace it. Here is what I found: LifeTime Life Basics with Plant Protein from Pea, Hemp, Rice and Chia Seed. This product does not contain  yeast, corn, soy, gluten, wheat, milk, egg, whey or any artificial ingredients or preservatives, so it would be great for people with any of the major food allergies. It is sweetened with fructose, xylitol, and stevia. I got the vanilla flavor.

This does not mix easily with almond milk. Stirring with a spoon is pointless. I had to get out my immersion blender in order to get it mixed completely. I haven’t tried it with water yet, but I suspect it will still be a difficult mix. It’s very thick in its dry form and it was hard to get completely off the scoop.

The taste is acceptable but I wouldn’t call it yummy. There is a definite stevia taste to it, and I haven’t really warmed to stevia yet, so your palate may like it better than mine. I’m also concerned about the laxative effects of xylitol if I drink this every day. I’ll withhold final judgement until I’ve finished the container, but my prediction is that I’ll be looking for a different protein drink.

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